Installation URL path for Opencart

  • Answered
Just a quick question, I was wondering if someone could help me with. Due to numerous errors in my open cart probably from extensions, I have decided to delete and start over. I am trying to find out the proper url to install my new open cart. I had this problem before with my website url. My web address is http.www. My sub domain is
Would I install my open cart url at" or https://www."" . Any help is appreciated. thanks.
Hello treasuredgemstones, Thank you for your question. You will want to install the OpenCart onto the normal domain, Once you are all set up, you can set up the secure subdomain to point to the main root folder so that if and when you set up an SSL to point to it will also display the same site. (the above also works with and, depending on how you want the site set up) Kindest Regards, Scott M