Awaiting account confirmation

  • Answered
I am from Ecuador. Yesterday, i buy a Power package for 12 months. In the morning, i received a phone call from Inmotion. The man who spoke to me asked to look at the mail at that time had sent me. According to this email, I had to submit a form and my identification card, fax and email. And I did. I filled the form and sent it along with my identification card. Do I have to do something else? How long will my account be activated? Sorry for my bad English.
As we do screen all new orders, it can take a bit for our confirmations team to confirm your account. If you have already sent your identification that was requested, they should have it confirmed shortly. As they are not here 24/7 like support is, if put in towards the end of their day or after hours, it can take until the next day to be completed.