Using a shared SSL with WooCommerce

  • Answered
I believe I understand how shared SSL works. However, I’m a little confused as to how to implement it with WordPress site, specifically WooComerce. In addition I am using an add-on domain which the url would look something like this in my case:

The issues I’m confused is where do I setup the username and password so I can log into/use the urls. From what I understand, the cert is there and as along as I point to the server (secure139) I can use it. One other question. How do I make sure what's on the cert matches the WHOIS. I have my domain at a different registrar and the privacy has been removed,

Eric Erickson
Hello, Thanks for submitting a question on using a shared SSL with WooCommerce. To use the shared SSL, you would need to change your links within your Wordpress database to reflect the shared SSL so that your site uses the URL for the shared SSL instead of the domain. As there are several entries in the database from both Woocommerce as well as Wordpress that will reflect the old domain, your best option to do this would be to use a plugin such as the Wordpress search and replace plugin. From here, you will need to change all instances of your domain to the URL for the shared SSL. Regarding the certificate information, this would not be able to be changed as it is a shared SSL and not your own dedicated SSL. The SSL information will display our information while you are using the shared SSL.