FedEx OpenCart module: " Account and meter number aren't consistent"

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hello sir,
i am integrate fedex shipping module in my site but it still occur error of "aren't consistent. crs 10 0 0"

i am try to find in google but no one single to give me solution so please you know about this error so give me solution as soon as possible.

Thanx, with regards,
Vipul Jethva
From doing some searching around, I have not found many users reporting this same problem. The error message, however, does appear to be pretty straightforward in that the meter number on your account and within the OpenCart module do not quite patch up. FedEx has a full article on setting up to use their API at the following: FedEx Developer Information Within that article, there is more information on setting up your site to use the FedEx API. To resolve the issue, there are few different routes you can take.

Double-checking the account and meter number

Ensuring that there are no errors within your account and meter number that is located within your OpenCart FedEx module configuration will be the first step you will want to take as it does appear that this is directly where the error is coming from.

Checking with developers on the OpenCart forums

Inside the OpenCart forums, there are many helpful developers who many have also seen this error and may have a direct solution for your available. I recommend checking with them as they would be more knowledgeable about exactly how this module operates with FedEx's API.

Try a different FedEx module

I have heard some information in the past of many users having various issues with the FedEx module for Opencart. Another solution would be to use a different module. When speaking to our design team, they recommended Fedex Live Rates plugin - OpenCart Guru which they have had good luck with.