500 Internal error

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Yesterday I installed VQMOD and a new extension,
(utube_embed) for videos.
Right away I received a 500 error. I deleted everything I installed.

Still got a 500 error. Said it was index.php.
I started deleting everything in it related to VQMOD.

It just keeps bringing up a 500 error. Keeps going to the next line. I am not doing anything else.

Please help...........my site is down.


Hello Bruce, Sorry to hear about your issues. I went ahead and restored your /public_html directory for you from our last good backup. That seems to have fixed the errors on the website for now. I have left the previous /public_html directory in place on the server called /public_html-BAK if you needed to grab any files from there. Any time you're getting ready to make some large changes to your site, I might recommend that you backup your website files in cPanel, so that you can then restore website files in cPanel on your own. As our daily backups are primarily for disaster recovery purposes and might not always be available to restore from. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob
Hi Simonb, I'm really sorry to hear about the issue you're having. I deleted your last question because you commented stating the developer was going to look into the issue (I assumed they would fix it for you). To summarize, you made changes to your site and a 500 error appeared. Then you deleted everything you installed, but the errors continued. Then you deleted everything in sit related to VQMOD. It's a bit of a tough situation to troubleshoot, kind of like detangling fishing line that's clumped up in a ball. Do you have a listing of the files you deleted? I'd check them agaist fresh install of your software to see if you deleted a file that is required by your software to run. Do you have a backup of your site from very recently? If so, I would recommend restoring the files only (not the database). If you don't have a backup, we *may* have a backup that we can restore. You are able to request a backup restoration within your AMP.