How to I coordinate the quantity of an item with attributes?

  • Answered
I'm attempting to enter products into opencart. I'm currently adding socks. I would like to be able keep an inventory of each size and I've added the sizes into the option. Once I've added the item, the customer is able to add more than the available number of each attribute and then checkout. How do I fix this? For instance, I have 1 size small pair of socks, but it's allowing me to add 2 to the cart. If I Thank you in advance!

Hello astrokageneusalpacas, and thanks for the question.

By default OpenCart should allow them to add the item to their cart. But when they actually go to checkout they should receive a notification letting them know that the selected quantities are not available.

Here is a screenshot I took of this:

It doesn't look like by default there is anything built into OpenCart that will allow you to stop the adding of the item to the cart itself. You might have some luck looking at some available quantity extensions for OpenCart that might fit your needs exactly.

Please let us know if you had any other questions at all.

- Jacob