After I get an email from support i get multiple emails for the same question I asked...WHY?

  • Answered
Once I request for support i got multiple emails fore the same question I asked WHY?
Hello aatebeje, Thank you for your question. I looked into this, and it seems we are getting into an auto response loop. I see whenever we send you an email, we get an autoresponse back with the subject "Thank you for your email." When the email gets back to us, it creates a ticket (which sends you another email), and we get your autoresponse again. I'm not sure where you setup the Autoresponder, but if possible I recommend adjusting the Interval. For example when you setup an autoresponder in cPanel, you can enter an interval time. If the interval is set to "7 hours" it will only send this response once within a 7 hour period. If there is No Interval set, every time that you receive an email it will autorespond. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul