How to Disable Self Signed SSL Warnings?

  • Answered
Hi there, i saw your post ( and i have generated a certificate using openssl, but i want to rebuild firefox or chrome and embed our ssl so it will not show any ssl warning to us for our ssl. i don't want to pay to any browser , hence that is our custom build and works only for our purpose.
Hello Lianglee, Thanks for your question on How to Disable Self Signed SSL Warnings. SSL certificates were designed so that they could be certified and recognized as official and secure solutions for making connections between a user's internet browser and a server. Self-signed certificates allow anyone to create a certificate and then give the internet browser user the option to accept the connection, but only after being warned that the certificate was NOT certified. This means that the warning that you're trying to disable can not be removed -at least from the server side. We have an article that goes over how to bypass a self signed SSL warning in either Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Removing the warning should be the user's option, because a self-signed certificate does not provide assurance that the connection is certified as secure. If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.