Why does my product downloads, not download?

  • Answered
I saw a few answers to questions regarding Opencart and am hoping you can assist me although I'm not with your company...? I've created an opencart website with downloads, however, once making a purchase, it states that I've made no downloadable purchase...and therefore has no downloads in my account. Thanks for any assistance.

Hello Jheri, and thanks for the question, we are here to help anyone with website problems. Since you're not hosted with us we can't login to see what might be going on, but I suspect you might not have added the downloadable item to the product itself? You might want to take a quick glance at our guide on creating a downloadable product in OpenCart just to make sure you got everything. After you upload your digital product by going to Catalog > Downloads, you also need to ensure that you've linked the downloadable product file to the product itself from Catalog > Products and going to the Links tab to check-off the Downloads you want. Here is a screenshot I took showing what I mean: If you do in fact have the downloadable item already added to your product, and you're still unable to see it when you purchase the product please let us know and we can continue to look for another possible reason. - Jacob