How do i host with godaddy so my site is on inmotionhosting but email remains on godaddy.

  • Answered
I have set the godaddy nameservers for to the inmotion nameservers. Now, to continue running email at godaddy they say I either need to set an a-record (for which I need an IP address from inmotion) or I need to add mx-records, which I need details on what to put there as well.

Please advise, thanks!
Hello blaster, Since you have the domain pointed to our name severs, we are currently the DNS manager. DNS records are teh A records, MX records, etc that you spoke of. The easiest way would be to alter the mail record (which is an A record) and point it to the IP address of your GoDaddy server. Then you can set your MX record to point to Also, be sure to set your MX records to External so that they will go to your GoDaddy account. Be sure to check our article on modifying your MX records. We also have an article that covers your exact situation of having the site here and email elsewhere. Best Regards, Scott M