What are the DNS settings for InMotion's servers?

  • Answered
Your support folks recently moved my website over from GoDaddy to my new InMotion account, however my domain is still registered at GoDaddy. I'd like to switch my e-mail over to InMotion, but I think I need to know all the DNS records for InMotion for this to work since the domain is with GoDaddy. What are those settings? Thanks!
Hello Gonggong.comm, Thanks for the question! You have two choices actually. You can change the name servers so that all Web AND Email traffic comes to us (which is the easy route), or you can make specific DNS changes to the MX records so that Email traffic is directed to us (which is the more difficult route). The only reason you would want to make the DNS changes at GoDaddy would be that you are trying maintain DNS control with GoDaddy, and you may want to keep either email or website traffic going to a different location. If you change the Name Servers, you would need to wait up to 24 hours (usually less), and then the change would be complete. All of your web traffic AND your email traffic would come here, and you don't need to make any MX record changes so that the email server knows to move traffic to us. You can also review transferring your emails from your old host for an overview of the process. You can also review the article on updating your name servers if you need more information on changing the name servers. If you're going to directly change the MX records, then you would need to login to the GoDaddy interface and make DNS changes. You will need to look at the MX record and change it to the IP of your new server. Again, I would highly recommend that you simply change the name servers unless you're determined to keep the DNS control within the GoDaddy interface. Note that even if you change the name servers, GoDaddy will still maintain management of the domain, since you registered the domain with them. The only way to change that is to request a Domain Name Transfer. I hope this helps to clarify the issue for you. If you require further information or assistance, then please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.