Adding a new domain

  • Answered

I purchased an additional domain name from
I have a hosting package with InMotion.

How do I go about using that domain?

Hey Matt, and thank you for your question. In order to configure a new domain for hosting on your account, you just need to login to cPanel and create either an addon domain, or a parked domain. The difference between the two, is that an addon domain will be a completely separate website from your primary domain on account. A parked domain will instead act as an alias for your primary domain name, and will pull up the same files from the server as well. After you've got the domain added in cPanel how you'd like, you'd also want to make sure that you're updating your name servers for the domain at NameCheap to point to our name servers. These would be: - -

After updating your domain's name servers, it can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate. During that propagation period, you can either use the temporary URL for your domain, or update your local computer's hosts file to forcifully resolve your new domain to our server. You'd need to point the IP address in your hosts file to the IP address for your server, and you can find your shared IP address of your server in cPanel. That should about cover it, if there were any other questions you had at all, please let us know! - Jacob