The best way to setup an external MS exchange server as the main mail server with inmotion hosting as the backup mail?

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I have in my MX records default setup by inmotion hosting.
What I want to do is make this my 2nd email server and have a MS exchange server on an external IP say
Do I just add a A record in the "Advanced DNS Zone Editor" pointing to
and then go into "MX Entry Maintenance"
add new record, with Priority 0, and then change Priority on to 10 and set Email Routing to Backup Mail Exchanger?
I presume I will have to setup email accounts on both servers

Hello John, Thank you for your question. Typically all MX entries are pointed to the same server. If you point them to different servers you will get inconsistent mail delivery as some will be deliver to one server and some will be delivered to the other. I recommend choosing a main 'Mail Server' and setting up a forwarder to an additional address as a backup. If you are using your own server, be sure to set the MX record to Remote delivery. This tells the server that your email is hosted elsewhere. In case you choose to host email with us, here is the guide on creating email accounts. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul