Having trouble sending email

  • Answered
I am on server ecbiz115 and I am having trouble sending emails from my accounts to external addresses. The email was working flawlessly until this morning. I can usually receive an email sent from within the domain, but I tried sending emails to external addresses and I've only received one email out of the roughly 10 test emails I sent. I've also tried sending email from my phone with no luck and have also tried switching to SSL. I am using the correct ports and was able to telnet into my domain via ports 587 and 465.
Hello ljohn787,

Thank you for contacting us. The issue is not with your domain or account. The server has a large number of outbound emails currently and has queued them up. This action was part of a spam prevention action to prevent blacklisting. You should be able to email normally, however let us know if you have any further issue.

Best Regards,
Scott M