Follow up question about OpenCart theme

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With regard to the horrible way this particular theme does product images I have a question.

The default Open Cart program is supposed to regulate how images are placed on a Product Page. For example, additional images are always small jpegs placed horizontially under the options.

Even though this is a differnet theme, isn't the default Open Cart program supposed to be the same? How is it that this theme messed everything up?


Hello Simon, and thank you for your question. With OpenCart the theme that you've selected will typically dictate the way that product images and other things are displayed on the site, as that's where the CSS files styling the site are coming from. If you'd like to restore some of the same styling from the default theme, those files are located here:


The current theme's files that you'd be replacing would be located at:


If you can't get the logo image, or replacement text to display like you want, you might be interested in contacting the theme developer as they'd more than likely have a better understanding on how exactly the theme is laid out. If you had any other questions at all, please let us know. - Jacob