I would like a new domain name for my current site

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My site is www.thenestbox.biz and I would like it to be www.backyardtreasures.net. I own both the domain names. How do I change it to backyard treasures?
Hello Lnewman, There will be several steps involved in order to change your Joomla site's domain name. Before you make the change, please be aware of the consequences of making this type of change. You will need to make a primary domain name change and then you will need to change your Joomla configuration information since your website is using the Joomla platform.

Changing your Main Domain

You will need to submit a change primary domain name change request. I will be sending that email to you after this reply. Currently, your primary domain is set to thenestbox.biz and changing it to backyardtreasures.net will affect various portions of your hosting account. Please make sure to read the links I have provided in this response or the article linked in the email that will be sent to you. Do not proceed with the change of the Joomla configuration files until after you have received confirmation of the primary domain change.

Updating Joomla to use your new domain

Please view our article on how to install Joomla to a temporary URL. This provides the information for the first part what you need to change. The difference is that you will IGNORE STEP 1 and then proceed to change the URL. You will be changing the live site URL to the new domain name in the CONFIGURATION.PHP file. The main concern though is that your database entries will reflect the old URL. To address this issue, you will need to do the following steps: 1) Login to your cPanel. 2) Scroll down to the DATABASES section and click on phpMyAdmin. 3) Select your Joomla database and then click on EXPORT in the top menu after the database is selected. The exported format will be SQL. 4) Save the resulting SQL file to your local hard drive. 5) Open the SQL file in a TEXT EDITOR (e.g. Notepad.) 6) Find and Replace all of your old URLs with the new one. 7) Save the SQL file. 8) Go back to phpMyAdmin and then IMPORT your updated SQL file back in as the SAME Joomla database. ----- That should take care of all your database entries. As you can see the process of changing your existing website name is not straightforward, but the process is necessary because Joomla uses a database backend and generates many of its pages based on the URL that you have set when you originally installed Joomla. I hope this helps to guide you in the right direction! Please let us know if you require any further assistance. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Regards, Arnel C. Community Support