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A month ago (or so) the Open Cart wizards got rid of the pesky (plus) sign that always shows in the options section of a product page. You guys got rid of it and it looked much better. Customers say that the plus sign greatly confuses them.

A week ago I purchased a new theme(template) extension for my site which uses a new Style Sheet, guess what, the (plus) sign is back. Will you please do me the courtesy of getting rid of it again. If you will tell me how you are doing it I can correct it myself in the future if I change themes. It seems to me that you changed the product.tpl last time to get rid of it, not sure.

The OLD Style Sheet was:


The NEW Style Sheet is:

(Pet Shop)


Hello Simon, The modification made to your template is complete, the + is now removed from display. As a disclaimer to the following instructions, this is not a normal modification due to the default process of OpenCart price handling. Options typically ADD or REDUCE the base price, hence the + or -. Certain modules, however, override this and the entire price displays next to the option. For those with that type of behavior in the cart, the + or - may confuse customers. For any others that are looking to do the same thing, the process is as follow:
  1. Log into the cpanel interface
  2. Navigate to the theme product.tpl file, located at public_html/catalog/view/theme//template/product/product.tpl
  3. Open the file for editing using the code editor and locate the line of code that appears as follows:
    (<?php echo $option_value['price_prefix']; ?><?php echo $option_value['price']; ?>)
  4. Add comment marks (/* and */) to the first php echo so the line looks like the following:
    (<?php /*echo $option_value['price_prefix']; */?><?php echo $option_value['price']; ?>)
There is usually more than one line of code with the same code, perform the same procedure on the others as well to ensure it works for all options. Best Regards, Scott M