streaming HTML5 video

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Researching I have only seen how you suggest to steam mp3 videos. My site is built all html5 and backwords compatability is not my focus this second, though it is important and I see how to do that, so right now I am more concerned to get the html5 video to stream correctly so the user does not have to download the entire content. So how do U suggest to stream the HTML5 videos IE--.mp4, .ogv or .ogg, and .webm, do we need to use a 3 party video host and use the source tag to point to the video or is there or are you setting up something as you do now with the mp3 format U currently support?
Thank you for your question Ksarge! HTML 5 is fully supported by your browser. You can embed videos using HTML 5 just fine on your website. Make sure you are using the correct file types for each browser. Each browser will support either mp4 or Ogg. Please see the tutorial below for more information. Using HTML 5 to add videos Best Regards, James R