Help with seeing my Joomla website

  • Answered
Hi, I am new to creating websites. I have been experimenting with Joomla which I installed lastnight through the AMP but cannot see the results of my web building activities.

Each time I go to my website it keeps showing me either my Premium Builder website or a blank page with the message: Website Coming Soon! Stay Tuned

How do I fix this? I want to see my Joomla website so that I can understand the effects of my actions in Joomla.

Thank you for your question [email protected] ! Sorry for the trouble with your Joomla installation. When you install software through Softaculous in cPanel, you will need to have the website files from any previous web builder installations. To remove the builder please see our article on How to delete or unpublish your site in the Premium Website Builder. Unfortunately, we are not able to find your hosting account with the information you provided. For further help with this. please contact tech support and they can get your Joomla installation working. Best Regards, James R