Spam Assassin subject lines no longer altered

  • Answered
Starting yesterday 4/3, with an email received at 6:19pm, emails deemed spam by Spam Assassin are no longer having their subject lines modified with the word "***SPAM***" at the beginning.

Can live without this, but I prefer it the old way. Would very much like to know the official status, however, and whether I can expect a return of this feature.
Thank you for your question managetype1! Sorry for the spam assassin not labeling anymore. We recently did a cPanel update for security fixes and somehow the configuration is off by default. We are having our systems support look into this on all our servers to re-enable this feature. You should see it resolved soon. If you email [email protected] with you can get an email reply when they solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, James R