Backup Mail Exchanger question

  • Answered
Dear sirs,

I would like some assistance regarding the backup mail exchanger.

I have domain *******.com to direct emails to an Exchange server on address mail.*******.com

How do i set the backup exchange to receive emails when the Exchange server is down and then forward them when its back again ?

thank you
Hello rentoulass, While setting up the MX records correctly by listing your InMotion MX records first, then your Exchange records second will allow the Exchange to automatically function as your email server in case of an emergency, we have no tool for removing the email on the other server to migrate it to our server. We actually would have no way to access the other server. That would need to be done by you by pulling the email down from the Exchange server and then uploading it to your cPanel account. We do have an article on how to move email from one server to another that may help you: Transferring Emails from your old host to InMotion Hosting Best Regards, Scott M