Share an SSL certificate for two websites?

  • Answered
We have a dedicated server and 2 websites with different domain names on the same server. We would like to purchase an SSL certificate. Do we need to purchase two separate SSL certificates (one for each domain) or can we purchase one SSL certificate for our dedicated server that we can share for our two (or more) websites on our server? We are primarily interested in encrypting the login functions.
Hello trumjahn, Thank you for your question about whether or not you can share an SSL certificate for two websites. SSLs are assigned to a single domain. This means that to use SSLs on two different domain names, it would require the purchase of a second SSL. Also, only one SSL can be assigned per cPanel account, so if you decided to use an SSL on a second domain, it would need to be on a separate cPanel account from the other domain with an SSL. Best Regards, Scott M