How do I know dates of domain Transfers?

  • Answered
I have domains bought by other people hosted y my account. There´s any way to know when we made the transfer to my account?

I only have the information of the domains i bought but I need the info from all my hosted domains.
Hello abiguate, and thanks for your question. It looks like one of your domains was transferred on 11/08/2011, and another on 04/26/2012 according to your account notes. You should also be able to login to AMP, and then under the Account & Billing section you can click on Details. From here you can see your domain name renewal dates, and you can also click on View Payment History and look for payment receipts that mention 1 @ $ 11.99 - Domain Name Transfer ( - 1 year which would indicate a domain transfer happening at that time. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob