I have HTML music players on my site, but they are not playing on all web browsers. Why is that?

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I have tested the players on:
1) Desktops 2) Smartphones & 3) Tablets
and tested on these Browsers:
A) Google Chrome
B) Internet Explorer
C) Safari
D) Mozilla Firefox

The HTML players are playing on the Tablets for all Browsers.

For Google Chrome & Internet Explorer, all 3 are playing fine.

For Mozilla Firefox and Safari; all 3 are not playing.

Below is the link to a page where there is a MyTunes Player and a MyTunes Store with previews to play.

Do I need to re-code the player?
Thank you for your question namaste! Sorry for the trouble with your player not working. We visited your site in FireFox and in Safari and the player is working. Usually when you have problems with one browser and not another its due to a CSS, JavaScript, or HTML coding issue. Please see the following link on this. Cross Browser Compatibility problems If the JavaScript is not working you can diagnose the errors using the error console. Please see the below link on this. How do I diagnose JavaScript errors on my site? It could be something simple in the code that is easily fixed. Sorry for the trouble, James R