Broken images after publishing website

  • Answered
First off I am using MAC with mountain lion. My web builder is Kompozer. I am re-designing a site I originally published in 2009 The images on the HOME page disappear after publishing. I've looked into everything I know including src making certain that no file:/// ..images are there. I do have a dedicated images folder in my site. Images on other pages are okay although I have had similar problems, but fixed them by correcting src. Suggestions?
Hello joeg629! Thanks for submitting a question about broken images after publishing website. Sorry for the trouble with your images not loading I looked in your code and the image tags have a source to the images folder that is not in your files. Below is an example. <img style="width: 229px; height: 193px;" alt="Spice Store" src="images/spice.jpg"> You will need to create the images folder and make sure your images are in that location and they will load. I also, could not find the spices.jpg in your files either. I'm not sure how Kompozer works as far as uploading the files. You may want to use FileZilla or CyberDuck to upload the files instead of Kompozers FTP publishing to see if its Kompozer not uploading correctly or if the file structure is not set up correctly. Hope this helps Best Regards, James R