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Please see below:

Hello Simonbk,

When you checked this, did you try clearing your browser cache and seeing if the data would show? I tested a sale on my test site and the data did show, but I had to refresh the screen first.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.
2013-03-05 00:00

First, let me say that for the first time ever I was a little disappointed in the response. You folks are historically fantastic!


I am in fact, NOT receiving any reports at all. And yes, I have used multiple refreshes. Upon researching this it seems that there are dozens upon dozens of complaints of the PayPal and php's, not working. It apparently is connected to the MD5 Hash.

People are having the same problem I am having, no reports. I should see this from Saturday March 2.

Sale: $12.00

There is nothing in the dashboard.
Under Sales, no product has been sold.
No orders are pending.

Please read the following thread and get back to me. Thanks guys.

Please note the proposed fix to the php. It is, I believe on the 3rd page.


I looked at catalog>payments>authorize_net php. Am I crazy or does it looks like I am missing some things? Look at the above string and then look at my 1.5.4 php.
Hello simonbk,

I took a look at the file you had in your site and the one with the fix. There was a change made on line 137. I saved a copy of the original (to be safe) and inserted the fixed copy into your site.

I do ask that you go ahead and give another test run since I cannot complete a full order with If the code provided was correct, you should now be able to see the orders without having to switch the filter mechanism to 'missing' orders.

Best Regards,
Scott M