Follow up to shipping question.

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I am sending a new message because asking in the comment section does not always end in a response.

Please refer to my last question regarding the spacing between my text and the price in shipping options. The attempt at adding a space did not work.

While I realize that this is a commercial extension, it still is put together with the common PHP used for Open Cart.

Please advise a fix to this problem. I did email the developer and have yet to get a response.



My apologies, I had the site in maintenance mode. Please advise.

Hello simonbk,

I see where Arnel has inserted a space in the text for the extension. I cannot, however test either that change or make another as your site appears to be blank at the moment. Once it is back up, I will be glad to test another theory on the code to see if it can be fixed from our side.

Best Regards,
Scott M