Problem with Open Cart pricing.

  • Answered

I have discovered a unique problem with my Open Cart.

My product line offers different sizes for most of the items. This means that there is different pricing for each size.

The way this theme is set up I have to put in a base price for the product or no product price will show up at all.

When it comes to sizes the theme is set up to add a price difference when it comes to sizes.


Base Price $50.00

Size large: +32.50

For a total price of $82.50

I don't think that customers are going to understand this process. Can we change this?
Hello simonbk,

The behavior you mention is native to OpenCart itself. However, if you use the Option tab in Products, you can set the entire price instead of setting it as an addon price. However, there is no way to remove base price that displays.

Best Regards,
Scott M