Can I buy a static IP address for my website>

  • Answered
I'm told that there are two IP addressed included in my VPS account. But these two IPs are for me only, or shared with other websites?

If theses are shared IPs, can I buy extra static IP addresses for my websites?

Thank you very much!
Hello chengdupaulyin, and thanks for your question. You can purchase additional dedicated IP addresses for $2.00/month or $24.00/year. We have a guide on how to obtain additional IP addresses that goes over the specifics of a shared IP address vs a dedicated one, as well as how you can purchase one via our AMP (Account Management Panel). By default your IP addresses would be shared between multiple websites which is fine, typically you'd need a separate dedicated IP address if you were using a SSL certificate, or had a legacy application that couldn't use hostnames and had to still rely on an IP. Please let us know if you have any further questions at all. - Jacob