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After having wrote an article , I would like to create a Menu Item to show it, but I get the error "input file not specified". Is there someone who can helps me?

Thank you for your question leonello! We checked on Google and found the SEO friendly url's may be causing the error. Please see the Joomla forum. Try the following solution that worked for others with the same error. 1. Go to Site > Global Configuration > Site. 2. Change "Use URL rewriting" from "No" to "Yes". 3. Restore the .htaccess code for your Joomla to the default.
a. Rename your current .htaccess to .htaccess.old. b. Create a new .htaccess file. c. Copy the htaccess.txt code to your new .htaccess to reset your .htaccess to the default and save it. d. Check your site to see if the error when away.
This should reset the SEO rewrites and allow the menu to work. If this does not work then we will need steps to replicate the problem. Unfortunately, because this is a open forum that people can read online, you will want to contact support either by chat, phone (1-888-321-46782 ext 2), or by email ([email protected]). Please give tech support the exact steps to replicate the problem. Please include any login credentials and/or links we will need to replicate the problem. Best Regards, James R