Slideshow banner speed.

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Please advise.

Typically slideshow banners allow for a way for the speed of the slideshow to be manipulated. I don't see a way in Open Cart for me to speed-up or slow-down the speed of my slideshow.

I figured that it might be in the CSS Style sheet but did not see it.

Hello simonbk!

The "Default" theme has the option to change the banner transition speed for the nivo slider; however, we could not find any way to get the script to work with the "Simple" theme. The "Default" theme page that contains the javascript to speed up the slider is the following location.


Your "Simple" theme slider code is located in the following location.


We renamed the "Simple" theme slideshow.tpl and copied the one from the "Default" theme. The slider started working, however, the navigation for the slider broke.

We tried adding the code to the slideshow.tpl from the "Default" to the "Simple" theme; however, it did not fix the problem. From what we see the slider speed cannot be changed in the simple theme because of an incompatibility in the code somewhere. Sorry for this.


James R