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Wizards of Open Cart,

For this one I need more of an opinion from you.

I am using a commercial theme called SIMPLE. The theme works fine as most of it is the nuts and bolts of the default Open Cart theme with just a few changes.

The theme has a module called LATEST. It is in the middle of the home page. It appears that the only thing it does is just list the last products entered into the product database. If you don't add anymore products, the same images stay there forever.

I have the FEATURED module but it is not installed. Would I do better with that instead of this current LATEST module?

Thanks in advance.
Hello simonbk, and thanks for the question. It sounds like this would be a personal preference on how you would like to present your products to your visitors. If you always want them to just see what the latest products being added are, then it sounds like the Latest module would be the way to go. If you instead wanted to select what products you're always showing them, regardless of the age of when the product was added, then the Featured module sounds like the one to go with. In order to set or remove a featured product you could follow these steps:
  1. Hover over Extensions at the top, then click on Modules.
  2. Beside Featured click on [Edit] on the right.
  3. In the Products field, start typing in your product name, then from the drop-down select another product you'd like to feature.
  4. To remove a product as a featured product, simply click on the - (Minus) symbol to the right of the product.
Hope that helps! - Jacob