Sales tax working incorrectly

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My sales tax isn't working right. It is charging customers tax on top of shipping. For example, if the product cost is $10, and shipping is $5, Open Cart is charging the customers tax on $15, instead of the product cost of $10, then adding in shipping cost. How can I get this fixed?


Brad Amron
Hey qline2013. I stumbled across your question while having the same issue myself. My fix turned out to be a simple oversight.

Log in to your admin, go to "Extensions->Shipping". Edit the relevant shipping module and set the "Tax Class" to "None".

Hope it helps.
Hello Brad, I am unable to locate any account with us under your email address or name. It maybe a coding issue with the module or version, but I would need more information to fully check into your issue. What version of OpenCart are you using, and what modules do you have installed? Your domain name would also help as we could visit the site to see if there is anything else we may notice. You can send the specific information to [email protected]. As we do not actively monitor that address, be sure to leave a comment below so we know the information was sent. Best Regards, Scott M