Is this the correct way to use geozones/shipping in OpenCart??

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Hi, new to OpenCart, but found an 'elegant way to use a combination of geozones and shipping using weight system. Not sure however if this is a correct use of the geozones. Any comment??

I added two geozones, names 1:registered mail, 2: EMS
Then I went to weight system shipping and added these two geozones, DIS-abling all others. I added their specific weight/price rates.

Checking out in front office, It seems to work great. Customer sees two shipment options, and OpenCart even checks if I can use both, or only one of the shipping methods (one range only up to 2kg. Above that, this option isn't shown).

My "concern" is if I made correct use of the geozones, by using them as "carrier"

Any comment welcome :-)
Thank you for your question BuyMeThai!

As long as the site functions and gets the result you want, then how you are using the geozones is fine.

James R