Where to Report Spam?

  • Answered
Hello, I configured SpamAssassin and I was wondering if there is something I can do to help fight spam with all the emails it's catching. Can I report these unsolicited emails to Inmotion Hosting? If so how is the best way to do so?
Thank you for your question clltd! Yes, there is a place you can report spam to. Spamcop is a DNS blacklisting company that can list spammers sending email IP on a blacklist. Visit them at the following link. spamcop.net You can get a free account from them. The only difference between a paid and free account is you have to wait ~6 seconds between each spam submittal. When submitting a spam to them, you simply open the email in a text editor and copy the contents of the email with the headers. Then paste it into the form submittal at SpamCop. You can also forward the emails to them. When the spam is submitted to them, they will give you a link that will have a form to email the sending spammers hosting company. You can make a canned response and save it in a .txt document that says: ------- To whom it may concern, We keep receiving unwanted spam from this server. We did not "opt in" to their emails and their "opt out" link does not work. The sending IP keeps changing and the email address and subjects keep changing making it impossible to filter. Please stop this immediately. Sincerely, Your first name ------- Once you submit that to them, the sending spammer will be added to the Spamcop DNS blacklist and they will not be able to email anyone after that. Take Care! James R