Forwarder not working?

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A few days ago, I set up an email account and added a forwarder to send all email to my gmail account. I tried a few test emails, but nothing ever came to my gmail account. Today, I decided to delete the account and start all over again just in case I did something wrong. I read the instructions and recreated the account and the forwarder. I sent a couple of test emails, but again nothing got forwarded. I checked the account through cPanel and the email did arrive. I was also able to manually forward the email to my account (I actually cut and pasted the address from the forwarder to make sure I entered it correctly) but the automatic forwarding still hasn't happened. Any suggestions?
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Hello HappyHour, and thanks for your question.

Typically if you're having issues with a e-mail not forwarding to Gmail it could be because their filters have picked up on it and rejected it, or it ended up in your spam folder.

I don't see any failed delivery attempts to Gmail from your account, so I'm assuming this is what's happening. I would typically recommend against forwarding mail from your account, and instead simply setup Gmail to download mail from your account. You can follow this guide for setting that up:

Configure Gmail to access email

If you're still having issues with the forward and want to get that working, I might suggest contacting support directly so that you can expose all the information around the problem and we can look into it further for you.

You can submit a ticket using the AMP interface.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

- Jacob