My FTP and CPanel Password

  • Answered
<div>Dear Sir/Madam, I don't know what my cpanel password is. I have my AMP login credentials and am able to log into cpanel via AMP but I want to be able to log into cpanel directly. Also let me know if my FTP login credentials. I am awaiting your most urgent reply. Thank you. Regards, Wisdom.</div>
Thank you for your question vander64! You can reset the cpanel password in your AMP panel. Please see the following link. Resetting your cPanel password using AMP You can log into cpanel directly. The following link will give step by step instructions on how. How to log into cPanel The FTP login is the same as the cpanel username and password. When you get the password reset you can log in with those credentials. Please see the following link on this. Getting Started Guide: FTP Best Regards James R