Redirecting Users to another Registration Landing Page in Joomla

  • Answered
I am having issues redirecting users to another landing page once they register on my site. Would it be possible to have them register on my Joomla site and then be taken to another processing form for subscription payments?

I recieved a comment but I believe the answer I am looking for needs more clarification. Basically the system would be exactly like this: User fills out the standard Joomla registration form >>> registers by clicking on the register button >>> taken to the page with verbiage and says "Account requires authentication..." >>> this is the point after that or during that page that I need a redirect to another form so they do not just leave or go to their email box before completing another registration form. This is public access by the way.


Hello Anorton, I think that the following article is going to be the best way to address your issue. I'm not sure how you can force it, but the following article does state that the pages will only be available to registered users: Registered Users Only Access If you continue to have issues with it, you can post again, and we can review it further. Please give us a little time to review the question - the Support Center website is not covered 24/7 like our live support. But, knowledge for Joomla issues are often answered here. You may want to review our Joomla knowledge base as it might have the answer you are searching for. If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Regards, Arnel C.