domain transfer stalled

  • Answered
I'm transferring a domain to Inmotion. I got the email and sent the authorization, but the dialogue box still says it is awaiting my authorization. What gives?
Hello Tempjoy,

Sorry for the domain transfer frustration. I also checked your account and it says the same thing - 'awaiting your authorization'. I apologize having to ask, but when you received your email for confirmation, did you follow the link provided in the email and then use your authorization code to confirm with our domain registrar? If you do not, then you still need to do this. If you did complete this step, then you will need to contact live technical support (through email or voice) and let them know that you completed your end of it. They may need to contact the registrar and see what's happening. Typically, this is an immediate response to the email on the domain. If it's not happening, then someone here needs to contact the domain registrar to confirm, and this is best done through live support. Note that some domain transfers can take 7-10 days (typically they do not).

Apologies again for this further delay, but please double-check and confirm that you completed WITH the authorization code that you were given (they don't ask for the authorization code in the email, the use the term "password" instead). Then, if you have completed, contact live support so that they can follow up with the domain registrar and see what's happening.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.