I cannot see the backup tools in my WHM

  • Answered

I have just setup my VPS2000 and have logged into my WHM but noticed that there is no backup section in my WHM. Please let me know where is it.

Hi VPS2000, Sorry to hear that you're not seeing the backup section when logging into Web Host Manager. I have one of my Tier2 Support Technicians looking into this for you right now, and I'll touch base shortly. Update After further review of our standard VPS setup, it appears that the backups feature is not enabled for reseller accounts by default. If you are familiar with Root access, we can give you root access to your sever so you can have access to the backup tools. I'm not 100%, but we may be able to give you access to the backup features within WHM without you taking root access as well. Either way, our Tier2 team will need to make these changes to your server, and they do need to have a ticket submitted with the request for changes. If you can email our support team, we can have your request escalated and looked into for you. Thanks, - Brad