alternate name for mail servers?

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Hi, I have an existing Thunderbird email client loaded with mail and I want to upload it all to my new account that I've set up on my new inmotion server space. I haven't pointed my domain to inmotion yet, so I need another way to identify the mail server within the email client (can't be Do you know if there's an ip or other server name that I can use in place of, to use in my mail client to upload my mail to the new server? I am using a the Thunderbird add-on Mailredirect, which will re-write the message headers to the originals and redirect them from the client to the new server. This has worked in test. I am hopeful that I can get this done before I point my domain from the old servers to Inmotion.

Thanks for any advise you might offer.

Hello John,

You can use the regular servername in lieu of Your servername can be found on the left hand sidebar of your cpanel under the label 'Server Name' Just add onto that. In your case that is

Best Regards,
Scott M