How to deliver digital files from my site without making them public?

  • Answered
I have an opt in page on my Wordpress site that is linked to an auto-responder (Aweber). I'd like Aweber to send a welcome email with a link to free PDF download(s). How do I set up the delivery on my IMH site where the content download link is only available to those receiving the link from the opt in (not public)? Where do I store the PDF files to be downloaded?
Hi JackCat, Some programs have this functionality already built in. For example, online e-commerce programs allow you to sell digital products, and they have methods in place that prevent just anyone to put in a link and download a file. WordPress unfortunately does not have this functionality. I've looked for a suitable plugin to get the job done, but surprisingly there isn't one (at least one that I could find). I'm not sure if you have any coding experience, but I found a few links that may help point you in the right direction (though, not exactly what you were asking about): How to prevent direct file access in your wp-content directory A simple way to limit file downloads to only logged in users in WordPress 5 Download Manager Plugins for WordPress Good luck, and let us know if we can help any further. Thanks, - Brad