We seemed to lose our email autoresponders yesterday.

  • Answered

We have an email autoresponder set up, and yesterday it disappeared. It was set up to reply to anything sent to [email protected].

But also, [email protected] now re-directed to [email protected].

What happened?

[email protected] has not redirected to [email protected] for a long while, and the autoresponder has been working fine for quite a while as well. I'm concerned that anything else we had set up (and I've forgotten) has been reset as well.

Hello Tony, In looking at the account, there appears to have been some interaction between our Systems team and an agent of the account regarding the autoresponder. I am unable to give specific details on the forum for privacy reasons, but you can either respond to one of the last emaisl received by the Systems team or contact our support department (open 24/7) with any questions. Best Regards, Scott M