How to change temp website URL to URL using my domain name ?

  • Answered
I moved my iWeb site to In Motion using temp URL as instructions suggested to test it.
How do I change to the the URL using my domain name ?
I can only see the site clicking on it in the AMP.

I see your site is working fine from both the regular domain name as well as the Temp URL. They actually are both pointed to the same files and folders, so as long as you have the domain name pointed to our servers, you will not have to make any changes.

If you are seeing a different page on the main domain for some reason, it may still be an old cached copy. Simply refresh/clear the browser cache and all should be fine.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions or information specific to the issue please leave a comment below so we can further assist you.

Best Regards,
Scott M