site won't recognize my password

  • Answered
My valid password is not being recognized and I'm not changing it. Just today my mail has disappeared from my bookmark bar in Safari. Where'd it go and why can't I login?

Hello Jgold1,

I took a look at the account used to register your user to the support site, and there is no information for you account with us. You may need to update the information used to register the support center account. I cannot help you with your login information without looking at an account that validates against your user ID. If your password is not being recognized, it may either have been corrupted, changed at some point (and you may not remember), or changed at some point without you knowing. Please understand, I'm only listing the possibilities - not to point blame. Since you cannot login currently, you may be REQUIRED to change your password at least once, and then once you're logged into your account again, you can change back to whatever you're comfortable with. You may need to contact technical support directly in order to provide account information so that we can help you recover a lost password.

As for you Bookmark bar in Safari, our hosting account has nothing to do with its functionality, unfortunately. If you know the address for your webmail access, then you can re-create it. Also, make sure to check in the Bookmark manager of Safari to see if it's still there - just no showing on the toolbar.

If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.