Simple play button for streaming audio?

  • Answered
My head is going to explode. I've spent 6 hours now looking all over the web trying to find a simple solution to audio streaming. I'm a musician. I want to put a list of my songs, and I would like a play button next to each so that people could stream them.

I can find NOTHING. Lots of player, but I have no advanced web programming skills, and the instructions provided with these players suck, completely incomprehensible and/or partial.

I don't want a chunky flash player, I want something simple, preferably HTML based (iOS friendly).

Ideally I had a picture-based website that used area maps for links... but that doesn't seem to work with anything over there.

Can someone suggest useable player and instructions that can be understood by someone else other then their writer?

I was able to find a link to some article that discussed an option of not using the installed player but just making whatever's installed on the computer to play audio, but I can't find it no more... That would be best, I think!

Hi Asasas12, Google actually has a player that seems relatively easy to setup. It is a flash player, but it does not appear to be very clunky. You can find more information on it here. If you think that will work for you, give it a try, and let us know if you run into any problems setting it up. You can post updates at the bottom of this page in the comments section. Thanks, - Brad