login Runaround...

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The login button on the top right takes me here

where I put in my email and pass and it takes me here.
https://secure1.inmotionhosting.com/index/logindomain/username/[email protected]
where I then have to put in my domain, email and password.

it takes me to AMP.
Where I have no option to go to support.. so I poke on the need help button..
which takes me here
where I have to login again..
sometimes it takes me here...

and I login ...
and it asks me for my domain and password again. then it takes me to AMP login here.
but I find if I just click on the Support Center button to the left of the top right login button, I go here...
and it recognizes me...

and then there is this page..
I have NO idea what credentials it is looking for...

This ALL seems very convoluted. maybe you can make it clearer for me. thanks
Hello [email protected],

I'm sorry to hear of the login issues. The problem has to do with our system and fact that you have several different accounts using the same email. The system cannot determine which account to log you into. The best way to fix this would be to merge all of the accounts, or to use a different email address on each so that the system can determine which one to log you into. You have two accounts: therationalguard.org, and essentialtucson.com that are not merged into your main account - southernarizonaguide.com. If we were to merge those domain registrations into your account OR, if you were to use different email addresses per account, then you would not have any problems with logging into AMP. Otherwise, it's going to require that you specify the domain that you need to login. However, we did clean up some of the accounts that should have been listed as inactive, so your login should work now. If you're still having problems, or wish to proceed with merging all of the accounts into one, then please contact Billing or Technical support. Or you can also leave a comment at the bottom of this page.


Arnel C.