I am a victim of Email spoofing, How can i stop it?

  • Answered
<p>I am being email "Spoof". I am receiving 500 emails a day from Mail Delivery System my email address is the sender, but i didnt send the emails from my mac. Please help because even blacklisting this email address or box trapping it is not working. Tatong</p>
Hello Tatong, I'm sorry you're having trouble with email. Spoofing is when someone "fakes" your email address as the sender but didn't actually use the email account to send email. From what you are describing and according to an email sent out by our Systems Team, it looks like your email account was compromised and someone actually sent emails from your account. Blacklisting email addresses your account sent emails to in SpamAssassin wouldn't have an effect, since that would only block emails sent TO your email account, not FROM. While checking into this for you, I see that our Systems Team has assisted in this matter by providing a more secure password for your email account. It's also best practice to run scans on any computers you use for sending or receiving email, to ensure there no malicious programs could be recording your passwords. Since you mentioned you use a Mac, please review our news announcement regarding the recent OS X Java Exploit on Macs. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Regards, Christi N.