What are categories in Joomla?

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when entering this question I see a textbox below to 'Select a Category'? What is a category? Are there differences between an article category and a content category?
Tim S.
Hi sebari,

Thanks for posting your question. I'm more than happy to assist you today. In reference to asking a question on our website, the category represents the "subject" of the question. This allows us to catalog what types of questions we are fielding from users like yourself.

In reference to Joomla, articles are bits of content that are displayed on your website. Articles can be grouped into categories, and categories can be grouped into sections. Each category is made up of multiple articles and each section is made up of multiple categories.

Now, you can have other types of categories, since Banners, Contacts, News Feeds, and Weblinks. These categories are separate from article categories and have nothing to do with each other. Just keep in mind, categories are used to group different things in a manner to help you stay organized.

I hope this helps! If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Tim S