Where do I find my WHM and cPanel passwords?

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I just started using my new VPS account. However, I am unable to log in to my WHM or cPanel accounts. I do not know the passwords.

In my AMP home it shows my username as: droidr5 However, my password showns that it is hidden for security reasons and it is obviously not the same as my AMP password. Please forward these to me.

Edit: Nevermind I have found the reset password option.

Tim S.
Hi acavella, Thanks for posting your question. I'm glad to see (based on your update) that you were able to resolve your issues! For others that find this question, your WHM password is the same as your cPanel password. Because you have vps hosting, if you haven't already, we would highly recommend checking out our Web Host Manager Education Channel. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. Thanks again! Tim S